We combine the responsiveness of a small, streamlined structure with solid expertise in our fields acquired over more than fifteen years of activity

Customised service

The firm provides a customised service through its experienced lawyers, who are used to handling complex legal and business practice issues together. For this purpose, each client has one sole contact.


Thanks to our small, streamlined structure, free of red tape, we can devote all our energy to our clients with attractive value for money.

Cross-disciplinary expertise

We can handle complex cases for our clients thanks to a network of preferred partners (accountants, statutory auditors, tax experts, notaries).


The method of calculating our fees, on a flat fee basis or a time spent fee basis, is defined in advance by agreement with the client. Our clients can regularly monitor the nature and scope of our services based on a work time sheet.

International approach

Against a backdrop of growing globalisation and to better meet the expectations of their clients, the firm’s lawyers maintain regular relations with correspondent firms to facilitate trans-national operations.


Mascré Heguy associés

Mascré Heguy Associés

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